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How Safe is Paragliding in Manali?

Paragliding is one such lifetime experience that will not only let you enjoy the nature’s beauty from a new angle but also helps you overcome the fear of heights. Soar high in the blue skies over the mighty mountains; paragliding is such fun. Well, over the years there have been some unfortunate incidents where people have got badly injured and in the worst scenarios lost lives.

At Manali Backpackers, we take safety of our customers as our prime concern. We have our own private paragliding site in Dobhi 23 Km from Manali and 15 Km from Kullu. It is the very first of its kind in Himachal Pradesh. We follow strict safety norms and all our pilots are well trained and hold legal licenses.

Yes, there are some companies who until date are not following the standard safety guidelines and visitors are falling in their trap in the name of cheap paragliding packages. We ask just a simple question: what is more important your life or money? There are certain small but very important points’ visitors or paragliding enthusiasts should look into before choosing any paragliding company.

Here are these.

Check the experience of the company – As we already told there are companies running campaigns like cheap and affordable paragliding in Manali. Don’t get simply lured. Go a step further. Screen the company profile. Search about them online, read their previous customer reviews, talk to them directly and also see if they have been involved in any paragliding accidents before.

Know your pilots

After screening the company, check about the pilot’s credentials. Do they have legal licenses? What is their work experience? How many flights have they undertaken until now? Have they been screened completely by the company meaning a thorough background check has been performed?

Know the equipments

Before paragliding it is advisable that you know what kind of equipments you really need to take the plunge. You can obtain this information from Google and other platforms. Ask the company about it. These days the advanced gears have come up for paragliding. They increase the thrill but you really need experienced pilots to handle and manage them. Know as much as you can so that you are comfortable when they are upon you.

Safety Measures

Most of us overlook this aspect thinking the company will take care of it. Well, ye sit is their duty but it is our life. So, it is our right to know about the safety measures the company is equipped with in case of any emergency. Are there any rescue teams or medical help available on or near the site?

Do not attempt the flight in unfavourable weather conditions

A clear sunny day with wind speed from 5 to 25 km/hr is ideal for paragliding in Manali. Wind speed with more than 35km/hr is strictly a no-no to take the plunge. An experienced pilot will never suggest you to do that and you also never insist on the same. Wait until the weather conditions turn favourable and you can enjoy without any fear.

Paragliding in Manali is a fun experience if you choose the right service provider. Come try paragliding in Manali with us this season.