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If you love the way the birds fly high in the sky to unknown destinations and want to experience the same, come here in Manali for an awesome paragliding experience. Yes, Manali in Himachal Pradesh is considered to be the safest abode for paragliding sport.

Manali Backpackers brings to you the very first, privately owned and government approved paragliding site in Himachal Pradesh – the first of its kind at Dhobi near Tibetan Colony – 23 Km from Manali. Summers are the best time for weather conditions are favourable for paragliding and under right supervision you can have a lifetime experience.  When we say right supervision, it means that the company and the pilot with whom you’re flying should be responsible and experienced ones to handle every aspect of paragliding right from taking off to landing smoothly.

Paragliding is fun but you need to make your choices consciously. A thorough background check of the company and the pilot will ensure that you are in safe hands. Check the online forums for any reviews about the company or pilot employed by the company. Check their work experience and do check with the local media or in newspapers about any paragliding accidents involving the company.

Read or talk to experts about how to prepare for paragliding:

Pay attention to your instructor. They are experienced professionals and whatever they say one must follow. Some people want to capture the view; you can ask for installing the cameras over the helmet but just do not focus on it.

Check that all your harness is well secured and tight before taking the plunge. Do not wear loose fitting clothes to avoid any entangled or snag issues later on in the sky. There are plenty of paragliding packages available. We advise that if you are trying paragliding in Manali for the first time, go for the basic one with minimum height. And if you have mastered paragliding, there are options galore.

Check for the equipment that you must carry; your instructor will guide you. Your instructor will check the equipments thoroughly for any fault before the flight. Do not look down for some people complain of giddiness, try to remain cool and just enjoy the view. 

Do not get lured by cheap paragliding in Manali packages for there are many companies who do not follow the safety norms laid down by the govt. and this might cost you your life too. Look for certification from the govt both for the company and the pilot.

Paragliding is a safe air sport provided you are in safe hands and follow all the instructions as told by the instructor. Manali is a paradise and there can be no better way to admire the beauty of Manali than paragliding.

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