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A wonderful vacation destination and honeymooners’ paradise, Manali has also earned his name for one of the best adventure sports destination in North India. Manali Backpackers has been at the forefront when it comes to explore the adventurist is you and offers you some of the most amazing packages that are not only affordable but also make sure that your trip to this heaven in Northern India is full of cherished memories. What you are looking for? Is it paragliding, bungee jumping, paragliding, river rafting, camping; well you name them and manali backpackers are ready with their amazing offers.

Let us try to explore more about adventure sports in Manali

River Rafting

River Rafting For all those who wish to move past the hard water currents and emerge winning, trying hands on river rafting is a must to go for experience. The wicked twist and turns are going to test your presence of mind, patience and yes they will definitely quench your thirst for adventure. Try out going from Pirdi to Jhidi, which offers amazing river rafting opportunities.


Surf amidst the best of teh nature, the lush green mountains, the deep blue sky and pristine waters; paragliding is so much fun and refreshing in Manali. Well, if you are of a weak heart, you must not try your hands but the ones with hearts of steel will surely find it a challenging and at the sametime quite adventurous too.


Solang Valley, famous among the skiing enthusiasts is another sought after adventure sports in Manali to try out. You get assistance and required prior training so that you are fully ready. You can even try skiing in Marhi, Rohtang and Dhundi.


Soak in the beauty of serene landscapes of Manali when you opt for Hiking. With hiking, you can even opt for camping to double up the adventure and fun.

The hiking trails that you can try for-
• Manali – Deo Tibba – Manali
• Manali – Naggar – Malana – Manikaran – Manali
• Manali – Beas Kund – Solang Nallah, Manali
• Pin Parvati Pass
• Great Himalayan National Park.

Mountain Biking

If you are skilled at bicycling, why not try our Mountain Biking that will make adrenaline rush through your veins and will give your muscles a good exercise. Well, the rough mountain tracks will throw a tough challenge for sure. Are you ready to take on?


If scaling heights excite you, why not just pack your bags, get good lessons in mountaineering from a school of good repute and get all the equipments ready. Well, if you are first timer, you should first try your hands on rock climbing, altitude climbing etc. everything is offered here at manalipackers.


If you want tio see your world upside down, why not Zorbing. If that excites you, get ready to be wrapped inside a giant rolling ball and wait to be zorbed. It is surely going to be a once in a lifetime experience.

Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari is lets you experience another kind of adventure wherein you can soak in the magnificence of the snow peaked mountains and even get a close look at how the local people live in such extreme conditions with smile and yes, you get your hands on the local cuisine too.

River Crossing

Well, if you want to just check on the fear factor in you, there isn’t anything better than river crossing. You can try this out at Van Vihar, Solang Valleyor even Old Manali.

Snow Scooter

The thought of gushing through the snow peaked mountains on a scooter gives an adrenaline rush and when it is on offer in Manali, why to leave it out. You can enjoy on your snow scooters on the slopes stretching 2-3 kms.

So, even now Manali is a Honeymoon destination. Well, we have now given you enough reasons to believe that Why Manali has now become a much sought after adventure sports destination?

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