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Its the first private paragliding site approved by the government of Himachal Pardesh. The site name is named as backpackers landing area it is situated in dobhi near Tibetan colony. The landing area is 23km from Manali on the nh21 and 15km from Kullu. The pike up point is dobhi and then the backpackers team is in charge of you. As it is owned by the owner of backpackers itself. The paragliding site is the highest site in the whole valley. We take you for a 25min of jeep safari to a hight of 8000ft which is the take off area and the landing is 3000ft. It take you about 15 to 20 on air time. The site is safe and is government approved as we have trained and licensed pilots. There are Gopro,DSLR cameras available on the site.

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