Top Safety Tips – Paragliding in Manali

Soaring high in the sky with wings open and taking the winds face on – the experience would be magical. Right! Well, if you’re in bring to you paragliding experience in Manali. Ours is the first government approved private paragliding site – first of its kind situated near Dohbi near Tibetan Colony.

There have been incidents in the past where many visitors have lost their lives or have got badly hurt while trying paragliding. We are well different, we bring on board years of experience and trained and licensed pilots who would be there with you through your flight assisting you take off and land smoothly and safely.

Paragliding is safe, provided you’re in safe hands and take care of these tips. This airborne sport can be fun and memorable if you follow these safety tips collated from professional gliders and safety experts and also from our very own experiences.

Check the Company Profile

You might be tempted with companies offering paragliding adventures at throw away prices. But do you think the cost of your life is so cheap? Do check the company profile. Talk to them, do a thorough background check (online and offline). Find about their track record in paragliding and also if there have been any accidents in the past. There are plenty of service providers offering paragliding adventure packages but not all follow all the safety norms. It’s your life, take it seriously.

Pilot Experience

Your research should not end with the company profile. The next is to research about the pilots. What kind of experience they have, has there been any case of accidents reported in their name, have they been screened thoroughly, have there been any criminal records or cases of drug abuse or alcohol reported.

Check for their licenses. Do not hesitate to ask any sort of questions that come to your mind. After all, it’s your life. The intent is to be careful and take all the necessary precautions. Remember you are handing out your life to a unknown person, so better be prepared rather than sorry later.

Take a note of the Safety measures

Talk to the company you are thinking of paragliding in Manali with. Take a look at the safety measures they take prior to take off and after landing. Do they carry safety kits? Do they have on ground medical teams ready in case of any mishaps?

Cross check the equipments

The equipments like canopies, reserve parachute, canopy lines, carabiners – check their condition. Any small technical mishap in air can cost your life. Check about the best safety equipments online or you can even talk to the experts.

These days there is one more problem – the advanced paragliding gears. They add to the thrill and fun by accelerating the speed but you really need to have experienced pilots handling them. Check their experience in flying advance gear as well.

Respect the Weather

When the Mother Nature is giving you warning signals through bad weather conditions, it’s better not to meddle or else you’ll have to pay a heavy price. The prerequisite for paragliding in Manali is a clear sunny day with smooth wind blowing. The ideal wind speed is between 5 to 20 km/hr.

Do not insist on flying for you’ve paid money and want to experience it. Wait until the sky clears and suitable weather conditions surface. Even if your pilot insists on taking the flight, say no. A good pilot will never recommend taking off in the first place.

The safety tips we just shared with you will make your paragliding experience in Manali memorable.